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Portex Mini Trusa Traheostomie

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Descriere produs:
Mini trusa traheostomie prin metoda Seldinger.


Caracteristici produs:

  • Guarded scalpel allows midline incision to be made with minimal risk of damage to the posterior tracheal wall
  • 2cm, 16G Tuohy needle to puncture the cricothyroid membrane and provide guidewire access to the trachea
  • 10ml Syringe confirms correct placement of the needle by aspiration
  • 50cm Flexible tipped guidewire to establish the cannulation route with the minimal of tracheal trauma
  • 7cm Curved dilator enlarges the opening in the cricothyroid membrane for the smooth insertion of Introducer and Cannula
  • Curved introducer aids introduction of the Cannula
  • 4mm ID, thermosensitive, Blue Line Cannula
  • Neck tapes for secure fixation of the Cannula to the neck
  • 10F Suction Catheter. Low friction endobronchial catheter for initial suctioning following cannulation

Specificatii produs:
CEsterile etilenoxidnu contine latexunica folosinta

Descriere categorie:
Consumabile medicale traheostomie.

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